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Independently owned and operated by Bakari Kafele

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I don't have a receptionist, so email is easier than phone.

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I am booked all available days until October 2019, when I begin full-time work with the United States Coast Guard. 
I will be out of the country (for a Coast Guard deployment) for most of 2020.
I expect to be back and available to take jobs again in fall or winter of 2020, however I do not know exact dates or what my schedule will be like then.

I never hire anyone to do work I can do myself, so unfortunately I do not have any recommendations of who you might hire in the meantime, as I would not want to suggest anyone whose work I have not seen personally.





Normally 10am-5pm

See calendar below for specific available days.

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Any day which says "busy" is unavailable.

(Please email in advance to confirm a specific time)