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$70/hr + 1/mile
$250 minimum

Pandemic note: I am fully vaccinated, (inc. booser) however I can wear a mask upon request.
If you have been in contact with anyone who has covid, or anyone in your household has a dry cough, shortness of breath, or fever, let me know and I will reschedule.  Cancellation fee waived for last minute rescheduling due to virus risk.

Services Include:
Household handyman repairs 
minor electrical, plumbing, carpentry, hanging blinds or mirrors; patching drywall; rekeying locks; dripping faucet; replacement switch, outlet, or fixture; caulking; gate or door repair...
I can fix whatever little things are broken around the house or do those minor projects you've been putting off.

• Furniture assembly, appliance set up and installation
• Broken stuff troubleshooting
   I've fixed everything from electronics and software to automobiles and appliances)
• Small deliveries


   $70/hour + $1/mile

If you don't own a car:
   $60/hr + $1/mile
If you don't own a car and are low-income:
   $40-60/hr + $1/mile  (See Rates page for details)

Note: I don't do on-site estimates.  
In order to cover the time and fuel it takes to check out jobs I may never end up getting,
I'd have to charge more per hour.
Those who do "free" on-site estimates will always build the cost of those estimates into the final price - plus the cost for estimates they did for others who didn't end up hiring them. You will almost always end up paying more with someone who charges a flat rate than with an hourly rate.
For a very large job, with costs in the thousands, you should probably get a firm quote in advance, but for the small jobs I do it is generally not worth it.

$250 minimum


I work primarily in Oakland.
I can go anywhere in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties as well as the entire extended SF Bay Area, however please note that I charge for commute time outside of my local area.  
For anything further than about 10 miles from Oakland, CA it may be more cost effective to hire someone closer, even if their rates are slightly higher.


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Read Yelp reviews, or write one of your own, at:


      20 5-star Yelp reviews