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 Standard Rate:
 $75/hr plus $1/mile*

 from my starting location (zip code 94602)

Mileage is charged one way only and covers fuel and other vehicle expenses.

$300 minimum charge
Cancellations not made at least 72 hours before a scheduled appointment will be subject to a $75 fee

Due to the ever increasing traffic in the Bay Area, the hourly rate will extend into my commute for jobs more than about ~15 miles from Oakland.
The exact charge will depend on actual delay time, but expect about an extra $150 for San Francisco and an extra $250 for the South Bay


Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal and Zelle accepted.

Middle income customers are encouraged to tip.  (Median individual income in Oakland is $43,000)
High income earners are strongly encouraged to tip.  Generously.

 Available Discounts:

Bicycle Discount: Rate for customers who do not own a motor vehicle is $60 per hour.

Poverty Discount: Low-income sliding scale, $40-60 per hour**

 *Plus any tolls, dump fees (see below), or other expenses. 30 min increments after the first hour.  See also traffic note (above)
 **Must not own a motor vehicle to qualify for poverty discount. Income qualification taken on the honor system; use federal guidelines (<$12,880 w/o dependants

Note: I don't do on-site estimates.  
In order to cover the time and fuel it takes to check out jobs I may never end up getting, I'd have to charge a lot more per hour.
Those who do "free" on-site estimates will always build the cost of those estimates into the final price - plus the cost for estimates they did for others who didn't end up hiring them. You will always end up paying more with someone who charges a flat rate than with an hourly rate.
For a very large job, with costs in the thousands, you should always get a firm quote in advance, but for the small jobs I do it is generally not worth it.

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