Bay Area Green Business Veggie Powered Handyman

Environmentally friendly household repairs


 Standard Rate:
 $50/hr plus $1/mile*

 from my starting location (zip code 94801)

Mileage is charged one way only and covers fuel and other vehicle expenses.

$200 minimum charge
Cancellations not made at least 72 hours before a scheduled appointment will be subject to a $50 fee


Due to the ever increasing traffic in the Bay Area, the hourly rate will extend into my commute for jobs outside of Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, or other cities within ~10 miles of Richmond.
The exact charge will depend on actual delay time, but expect about an extra $50-100 for San Francisco and an extra $150-200 for the South Bay



Middle income customers are encouraged to tip.  (Median individual income in Oakland is $32,000)
High income earners are strongly encouraged to tip.  Generously.


 Available Discounts:

Bicycle Discount: Rate for customers who do not own a motor vehicle is $40 per hour.

Poverty Discount: Low-income sliding scale, $30-40 per hour**

 *Plus any tolls, dump fees (see below), or other expenses. 30 min increments after the first hour.  See also traffic note (above)
 **Must not own a motor vehicle to qualify for poverty discount. Income qualification taken on the honor system; use federal guidelines (<$11,490 w/o dependants

 Dump fee is a minimum of $30 per load. This is the fee charged to me by the transfer station.  I do not mark up the dump fee.
Anything over 1 cubic yard or 200lbs increases this.   This is in addition to hourly and mileage rates. 

 Charge will be the same for all materials, reuseable or not.  This is because, while I avoid the dump fee by recycling, selling, and donating things from dump runs, it is substantially more work to sort, transport, store, advertise, etc.

Note: I don't do on-site estimates.  
In order to cover the time and fuel it takes to check out jobs I may never end up getting, I'd have to charge a lot more per hour.
Those who do "free" onsight estimates will always build the cost of those estimates into the final price - plus the cost for estimates they did for others who didn't end up hiring them. You will always end up paying more with someone who charges a flat rate than with an hourly rate.
For a very large job, with costs in the thousands, you should always get a firm quote in advance, but for the small jobs I do it is generally not worth it.


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