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Furniture assembly, electrical, plumbing, drywall repair, appliance/electronics troubleshooting, fixture replacement... nearly any sort of repair or replacement, I can help you-
(for new installations, remodeling or any major construction, you should use a licensed contractor - I am a general handyman, not a licensed contractor.)

I have picked up my skills through experience, first taking things apart as a child, to fixing things for myself, family, friends, employers, and now customers, over the years. If it involves wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, voltmeters, or the like, I enjoy working with it. My specialty is in improvising $10 solutions to problems which the factory dealer said would require a specialized $500 part. My solution might not look pretty, but it will work.

Some of the more common things I do range from assembling furniture and putting up blinds and pictures to clearing drains, patching drywall, replacing light switches, and replacing ceiling lamps with ceiling fans. 

For more examples of the sort of work I can do, this was the job list for one  customer: To Do List

I've installed custom closet shelving, repaired an automatic sliding minivan door, and repaired refrigerators and electronics. I have a full complement of hand and power tools, 10 years of professional experience, and 30 years of informal experience working with repairs of all kinds.

Following are pictures of a few of the many projects I have done:


Installed ceiling lamp above table, and wall switch to control it



Replaced ceiling lamp with a fan
(controlled by wall switch)


Antenna/cablejack had broken off.
Soldered the jack back on, reassembled TV



Built custom gate, 
using reused/salvaged materials
(from Urban Ore)


Constructing a custom bed frame out of reclaimed lumber



Installed brackets for television and mantel into solid brick fireplace


Installed door frame, door and lattice around stairs
(which required moving a light switch to a new location)
 repaired holes in the drywall and repainted



Wired up a 10 component  
surround sound entertainment center



After finishing gate, laid in a brick path using bricks the client had lying around.



Finished bed,
complete with a headboard made from driftwood



To give you a wider idea of what sort of repairs I do, the following was a list for just one job, for a client who was getting a rental property ready for a new tenant. I completed everything listed below in 3 days, all for under $1000 total.


Remove all deadbolts and key-lock doorknobs for re-keying
Install 3 new deadbolt locks in front door, security screen, & backyard door.
Install 2 old deadbolt locks in garage/kitchen & garage/bonus room doors.
Replace lock on wooden cabinet in garage
Adjust front and back door strike plate
Replace front door weather stripping
Re-connect kitchen/garage threshold and door jamb

Test to see which outlets are grounded
Replace outlets that are not to be grounded
Replace 4 outlets in kitchen, bath & garage with GFCI protected outlets
Cover doorbell wires
Check if living room heater works / re-light pilot
Install cord & plug with UL clamp at motor housing of garbage disposal

Patch cracks & holes in walls and ceilings, re-tape where necessary
Build drywall covering around exposed wires and pipes in garage
Caulk/seal tub

Pipes and plumbing

Re-secure toilet on a new wax seal. Check that herco ring is not damaged.
Solder new copper pipes to extend water heater TPR valve to outside
Convert heater vent to B-vent before penetrating ceiling.
Patch hole in ceiling around water heater vent
Move dryer vent to outside wall (redirect out from under house)
Clean bath fan

Hang new blinds
Put cover on smoke alarm and test it with new battery
Repair hinges on small closet door above mirror
Install closet rod
Install spring latch to keep bedroom closet door closed
Cut wood to size and attach insulation to cover access to attic (in closet)
Sand and repaint areas where paint chipped (kitchen cabinets, doorways)
Break or bend old pipe in garage




Caulk/seal roof jacks/vents
Clean out and inspect gutters for rust or holes; clean off rust and patch holes
Clean all eaves, doorway roofs, etc.
Clean off metal roof of backyard structure (“trellis”)
Remove wood extensions from backyard structure (“trellis” top)

Cut trees 2 feet back from roof
Trim all plants back 6” or more from house
Reattach gate to fence
Attach/fix crawl space door
Repair vents screens to keep critters out of crawl space

Wash all window screens, replace damaged screens (build new ones)
Detach metal cart from garage stairs


Haul away
old sofa, fiberglass, metal cart, and chunks of concrete

Move to house (for staging):
Single airbed
Small green futon (from living room)
Camping air-mattress & pump
Night-stand (from garage)
Dresser (from cottage)
Rocking chair, 2 tray tables, 2 chairs
Backless chair from garage (for TV to sit on)
TV from bedroom, Radio from red room

I have also done a number of larger projects over the years - see:
for pictures of some of my larger and more complicated construction projects

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